How to execute a successful product strategy — Part 2

Part 2: Design & Development

Design, Test, Build, Test, Repeat

How we use estimations, guesswork, and other fortune-telling techniques to define the budget

Have super detailed checklists for designers and developers

Be rigorous with project planning and tracking progress

Project team collaboration through Jira, task view
Project schedule in Jira Plans, roadmap of all features on the timeline
Capacity report in Jira Plans, showing each team member’s planned work per sprint

Eat that frog!

Choose your favorite, iOS or Android

Validate your designs

User testing after the UX and UI phases

Minimum sample size for user testing

Daily user testing during the design phases

Performing quick user tests in the office

Good chemistry between designers and developers is the key to agility

Creative chaos meets precision development

Development ready

Stay one step ahead, be ready to handle the (un)expected

The role of the project manager

The role of the dev lead

Constant code quality across projects

Get ready to launch

Feature flagging

Do it all over again

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