Kotlin Multiplatform — A New Kid On The Block

A little bit of history

FIVE’s been in mobile app development for some time. In all the years we’ve been at it, we’ve seen mobile development evolve dramatically — we’re excited to always keep up with and pioneer any new tech that comes our way!

What is KMM?

KMM is an SDK for multiplatform mobile development. With KMM, you can develop multiplatform mobile applications and share parts of your apps between Android and iOS, such as core layers, business logic, presentation logic, and more. It reduces time spent writing and maintaining the same code for different platforms while retaining the flexibility and benefits of native programming.

  1. Android application — a Kotlin module that builds into the Android application — it uses Gradle as a build system.
  2. iOS application — an Xcode project that builds into the iOS application.

Why are we using KMM?

Why did we try KMP and KMM? In 2019, we started experimenting with it, but the tipping point was KotlinConf in Copenhagen that year, where we noticed a fundamental shift in KMP direction. We saw that certain companies were searching for KMP specialists and successfully building apps using KMM.

Success stories with KMM

Rosetta Stone — Progress Tracking

First, we want to share a success story about our long-term client, Rosetta Stone. We’ve been working with them for almost five years, and in that time, we built Android and iOS apps while getting familiar with the rest of their ecosystem.

MeCycle — Mobile App

Our second success story comes from our work on an app for MeCycle. MeCycle helps you recycle responsibly. You can use the app to scan UPC codes of plastic and glass bottles or aluminum cans. If you’re recycling in an area with monetary incentives, like bottle deposits, the app credits you the deposited amount.

How we used code challenges to get people interested in KMM

In June, we were part of the largest developer conference in Zagreb, called .debug. Two weeks before the conference, we brainstormed about how to represent our company. We decided that it would be cool to teach the community about KMM.

We’re excited about KMP and hope you are too

We’re really excited about KMP and KMM. The tech has room to grow, and we are watching it closely. This post will be the first in the KMP series, and in the future, we plan on sharing more success stories, some technical challenges we encountered, and all the other things that we’ve learned. If you have some experience with KMP and KMM and you want to work with us or maybe brag about it, let us know here.

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